Runaway donkeys found thanks to social media appeal

  • Escaped donkeys from a farm shop were found in a nearby ditch after the owner launched a Facebook appeal.

    The two Mediterranean miniature donkeys named Cassie and Caspar went missing from Surfleet farm shop last Tuesday (25 October).

    Claire Yeatman, who works at the shop, said the donkeys’ gate had blown open during the previous night.

    The owner of the shop Jamie Smith realised they were missing at about 7.30am and put up a message on Facebook asking people to look out for them.

    Luckily a local lady driving along the Spalding road at midday spotted the donkeys stuck in a nearby dyke and rang the shop.

    “She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw them and rang us as soon as she got home and saw the Facebook post,” said Ms Yeatman.

    The two-year-old donkeys were rescued by Mr Smith, with the help of one of his strongest employees and a local farmer.

    “If it wasn’t for Facebook they wouldn’t have been found so quickly,” said Ms Yeatman.

    The donkeys are now safely back at the farm in a secure field.

    “When I first saw they were gone, all my worst thoughts ran through my head,” Mr Smith told Spalding Today.

    “I know a lady who recently had her horse stolen and unfortunately it was discovered drowned. We’re just so pleased to have them back,” he added.

    The donkeys have been at the farm for six months.

    The breed was first imported into the UK from the USA by Lady Fisher, who still keeps them at her Sussex home.

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    Numbers have grown to around 800 in the UK over the last thirty years.

    “They’re easy to handle, have fantastic temperaments and make great pets,” said Rebecca Goddard, membership secretary of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Society.

    The donkeys grow to 36in in height and are a popular pet in the USA.

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