Legal case over pony shows there are no winners in court *H&H Plus*

H&H spoke to both parties following a legal case that was settled out of court the result of which is they each claim to have lost everything...

A legal dispute over a £25,000 dressage pony has highlighted the fact that all parties in such cases can lose everything.

Agnetha Hjortsparre, a pony breeder in Sweden, settled out of court in a case involving her stallion Speyksbosch Diablo and UK buyer Damien Harris.

Mr Harris, of Ghabar Stud, agreed to buy the pony and to pay in instalments, but then said Ms Hjortsparre had misrepresented the pony and that a vetting on his arrival in the UK had shown he was lame. He refused to pay any more and then started legal action against Ms Hjortsparre.

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