Laura Bechtolsheimer lines up for TREC challenge at Royal Windsor

  • The sport of TREC will receive its biggest showcase to date — in a Pro-Am Challenge at the Royal Windsor Horse Show next month.

    Olympic dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer and Intelligent Horsemanship founder Kelly Marks will go head to head leading a team of professional and amateur riders at the SEIB British Horse Society (BHS) TREC Pro-Am Challenge at Royal Windsor on 16 May.

    TREC originated in France as a mixture of orienteering, long-distance riding, obstacles and control of pacing.

    During the event at Windsor, competitors will take part in obstacle courses and pacing tests that will mirror the kind of things they would encounter while out hacking — such as small jumps, crossing a bridge, negotiating an S-bend, and timed cantering and walking.

    Top riders from each of the disciplines — show jumping, dressage and eventing — will compete against paralympians, riders from the Army, two team members from the new BHS TREC Pro-Am Challenge.

    Laura Bechtolsheimer has already signed up for the pro-team, with Ms Marks on the amateur side. Anna Weston and Anthea Kendrick will be the two GB TREC members showing everyone how it is done.

    Royal Windsor Horse Show takes place from 13-17 May. The SEIB BHS TREC Pro-Am Challenge takes place in the brand new BHS Frogmore Arena on Saturday, 16 May at 5.55pm.

    For more information, call 0870 143 2208 or 01753 743907, or visit www.rwhs.co.uk.

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