Last few days to sign petition against low flying helicopters

  • A campaign to protect riders and horses from low-flying aircraft and helicopters by raising the current minimum flying height from 100ft to 200ft is still seeking signatures for its petition to lobby Gordon Brown (news, 16 April).

    Horse breeder Lady Julie Daly of Lillingstone Equestrian, a stud in Buckinghamshire, claims her husband has photographed a helicopter flying at around 80ft above ground level close to their stables.

    Lady Daly said: “The MOD is being evasive and irresponsible. I requested they moved the flight path to avoid the yard. But was told if they protected horses in on area, they could not easily refuse a similar request.”

    To sign the petition, go to http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Altitude/

    The petition is open for signatures until 27 June.

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