Last chance to help stop the suffering of slaughter horses

  • The campaign to end the torture of long-distance transport of horses for slaughter has reached a critical stage, with World Horse Welfare urging horse-lovers to sign the petition before it closes on 18 September.

    World Horse Welfare’s director of campaigns and communications, Jo White, said: “We recently returned from a field trip looking at the slaughter route from Romania to Italy and the harsh reality is that there are still many horses suffering on these inhumane journeys.”

    H&H witnessed first hand the terrible suffering — and the overt flaunting of the rules — on a field trip across Eastern Europe last July.

    With over 114,000 signatures from all over Europe already, World Horse Welfare needs more in order to press the case with the EU Commissioner for Health at the end of September.

    Ms White said: “If you haven’t already signed, please do so as soon possible to make your voice heard.”

    World Horse Welfare’s dossier of evidence shows the terrible suffering of the horses, ponies and donkeys that are taken on totally unnecessary journeys where they suffer dehydration and extreme exhaustion.

    One route highlighted saw horses transported past 180 slaughter houses before reaching the destination slaughter house.

    Ms White said: “A short, finite journey limit would protect these horses from the pain and suffering currently inflicted upon them.”

    To join the campaign to fight for an end to the suffering go to www.makeanoise.co.uk and sign the petition.

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