Dead horses dumped on side of the road

  • Stratford District Council was forced to remove the carcasses of 2 dead horses yesterday (2 January) that had been left by the side of the road in Halford, Warwickshire.

    Passer-by Jane Weldon and her husband Jim reported the ponies to the police on Sunday morning (29 December). But due to the New Year holiday it took several days for the council to remove the bodies.

    “2 dead animals lying in the road, I think it’s shocking,” Jane told local press after discovering them.

    “It’s a popular place and people walk there with their kids.

    “How distressing that these poor animals have not yet been removed,

    “Shame on those that mistreated them so and shame on the authorities for not dealing with what is, at the very least, an environmental risk in a more timely fashion.”

    Stratford District Council told H&H:  “This incident has been reviewed by the RSPCA and is being investigated by the Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

    “Stratford-on-Avon District is currently investigating the “fly tipping” element and establishing evidence.  No further update or information will be given while the investigation is on-going.”

    Warwickshire Police told H&H that it wasn’t currently investigating, but was awaiting more information.

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