Kicked owner drags herself for two hours with broken pelvis

  • A kicked horse owner has told H&H of how she dragged herself along the ground with a broken pelvis for two hours to reach help.

    Surrey-based rider Janine Eaglestone had recently bought liver chestnut gelding Macbeth when he kicked her in the field (14 June, 2015).

    Janine fell to the ground in pain and immediately realised she had been seriously injured.


    “I heard my pelvis crack,” she told H&H. “I felt one side of my pelvis move away from itself.”

    Janine did not have a mobile phone with her so had to move herself to the stables where there was a landline.

    It took her two hours to cover the 300 yards across the field to the yard.

    “The field was full of dried out potholes from the winter,” Janine said.

    “I was on my bum, shuffling and dragging my way across the field. I kept passing out — I don’t know how many times.

    “My rescue pony Denzil (pictured below), who I’ve had since he was four months old, followed me for the whole journey. Every time I came round he was standing beside me.”


    Eventually Janine reached the yard and was able to call the emergency services.

    She was taken to St George’s Hospital where her pelvis was operated on.

    Janine was back walking in three weeks and returned to the saddle within two months.

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    “They thought I wouldn’t walk for six months and wouldn’t ride for over a year,” added Janine.

    “It was a terrifying experience. I thought, I’m just going to lie down, but I knew I couldn’t do that.”

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