Keratex launches revamped website and online store

  • Hoofcare experts, Keratex have undertaken an extensive makeover of their website and online store at www.keratex.com.

    Wiltshire-based Keratex was established in 1991, when founder Dr John Irving launched the world-renowned Keratex Hoof Hardener.

    Since then Keratex has continued to research and develop new products for the equestrian industry.

    Keratex products are exported around the world and are used and recommended by leading riders, vets and farriers, including Ian Hughes, Britain’s head farrier for the Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Games 2008 and farrier to the British para dressage team.

    The new Keratex website has been built and developed to offer more expert assistance for horse owners and detailed information about products.

    A specific diagnosis section on the website allows you to search for advice and products to deal with specific problems, symptoms and horse care issues like; crumbly hooves, abscess holes, soft feet, infections, shoe loss, the transition to barefoot and laminitis.

    “It’s an exciting, new development for us,” said Rosie Fell, Keratex’s marketing director.

    “Thousands of horse owners rely upon our products and we feel it is important that we offer advice and assistance where we can to help with hoof and equine problems.

    “We have an extensive dedicated knowledge in this area, so it is great that we can share this with our customers and their horses.”

    You can see the new website at www.keratex.com and for free advice on any hoof-related questions, email info@keratex.com.

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