Katie Price: “It was my marriage or my horses”

  • The relationship between former glamour model Katie Price and dressage rider Andrew Gould has come under the spotlight once again, after Katie admitted that her marriage to pop singer Peter Andre did end because of him.

    In an interview with OK magazine, Katie said that pop singer Andre gave her an ultimatum to move her horses from the trainer’s yard, or their marriage was over.

    “I looked into [moving] somewhere else but I thought, hang on, why should I have to move my horses?” Katie told OK.

    “It basically got to the point where it was my marriage or my horses.”

    When questioned about Peter Andre’s jealousy over their relationship, Andrew told OK he thought it stemmed from Andre never being involved with Katie’s passion for dressage.

    “I don’t think he was that interested in Katie’s riding, and then because he was never involved, his imagination ran wild,” said Andrew.

    Andrew’s wife, Polly, also took part in the interview and was even photographed with the pair in a raunchy photo shoot — inspired by Jilly Cooper’s saucy novel Riders.

    But despite the Goulds apparent willingness to laugh off the affair accusations that were circulating earlier in the year, both acknowledged that it was difficult receiving so much media attention.

    “It put a lot of strain on our relationship at that time,” admitted Andrew.

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