Fed up of forgetting SJ courses? There’s an app for that…

  • If you’re fed up of forgetting courses, you can now help keep them in mind thanks to a new app.

    The app, Jump Off Pro, allows riders to upload a course and visualise it in 3D.

    “Give yourself the competitive edge and add Jump Off to your equestrian training routine,” reads the product description.

    “Jump Off lets you upload, save, and train your courses in a fast and user-friendly application.

    “Practise your courses on your phone by tracing your finger through the course designs you have uploaded.

    “Practise in your own time and away from the ring.”

    New York-based Ali Fathali created the application after seeing others trying to learn courses effectively at shows.

    “My wife competed for many years so I would attend horse shows with her and watch how riders were snapping pictures of their courses on their smart phones to memorise them,” Mr Fathali told H&H.

    “Jump Off takes that process to another level; giving users the ability to not only upload a course, but to visualise the entire ride in 3D. You can even design your own courses and visualise them.”

    Using the app, riders can choose their jump type, from oxers and verticals to water jumps. The technology allows you to build courses with multiple combinations so the course can be customised.

    A cropping tool allows you to upload almost any photo size.

    Mr Fathali said the app can save riders valuable time.

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    “It gives riders the ability to memorise courses super quick, sometimes in just a few minutes and it allows riders to practice memorisation on their off time back at the barn,” he added.

    “Trainers can also use Jump Off as an extra curicular tool to help their students memorise courses.”

    The app is available for iPhones and Androids for £3.69.

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