Join the brand new H&H VIP club today

  • An exciting new service for visitors of HorseandHound.co.uk is bringing some of the most popular exclusive content from Horse & Hound magazine online for the first time.

    Exclusive news stories, magazine columnists and our hugely popular vet features are going to be available online to H&H VIP members.  Access to H&H VIP costs just £1 a week, or less if you choose to subscribe for a longer period, making joining the club affordable for all.

    “I’m really excited about offering our online readers access to our exclusive magazine news investigations, in addition to the excellent free breaking news service that we already offer on Horseandhound.co.uk,” says H&H website editor Carol Phillips.

    “Our popular online blogs will continue to be available to all, but H&H VIP members will also be able to read our magazine columnists’ thoughts. And while Horseandhound.co.uk already has an extensive database of veterinary advice, this will be strengthened further by the addition of our in-depth ‘Vet Clinic’ magazine features.”

    It’s quick and easy to become an H&H VIP member. If you try to access an article in the H&H VIP area, you will see a prompt asking you to join the club. Simply follow the instructions on screen to make your payment safely and securely. You will then receive a login that you can use on all your internet devices, ensuring that whether you are visiting the site on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you will still be able to read this exclusive content.

    This is just the first phase of H&H VIP,” explains Carol. “If the service proves popular then we plan to roll out extra exclusive content for our H&H VIP members, such as in-depth veterinary case studies, rider interviews, videos and more. So if you want to be ‘in the know’, you need to be in the club.”

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