Johnny Depp finding horse riding challenging

  • Hollywood star Johnny Depp is reportedly finding horse riding “surprisingly difficult” during filming for his new movie “The Lone Ranger”.

    Johnny is known for his love of horses after adopting “Goldeneye” from a film set when hearing the horse was to be put down. But he’s now finding the riding part of his role as ‘Tonto’ a challenge.

    The 49-year-old actor is refusing to use a stuntman, and a source told press: “He wants to do all his own stunts, but he’s been falling off his horse so often that producers worry he’s going to do permanent damage to his tailbone.”

    His frustration was reportedly increased by co-star Armie Hammer’s natural riding ability.

    But Johnny may have a vested interest in improving his riding, as it’s rumoured he’s bought new girlfriend Amber Heard a horse – following split with long-term girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

    He hopes for Amber to join him out riding on the set of the Lone Ranger.

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