British Olympic eventer sidelined after fall from youngster

  • Top British eventer Jeanette Brakewell has been sidelined at the start of the season after fracturing her ankle in a fall.

    The eight-time championship medal-winner had been schooling a youngster at her base in Staffordshire on 15 March when the accident took place.

    “It was very unfortunate,” she told H&H.

    “He had been worked in the top arena, we had done some pole work with my head girl on the ground.

    “I was walking back to the yard and crossed the driveway of a tenant. They walked out of their door as we came past, any other horse would have gone, ‘oh’ and carried on, but the four-year-old went, ‘Holy shit!’, spooked and fell over.

    “My foot took the impact. The rest of me landed in a big muddy pool of water so my shoulder, collarbone and everything were fine.

    “I felt my foot go in a different direction to my leg.”

    Jeanette was taken to Royal Derby Hospital and the following day (16 March) underwent surgery.

    “I think they put in a plate and several screws, I hope to see the x-ray to find out more,” she said.

    “The hospital has been great and it was really good they got the operation done so quickly.

    “I’m hoping to go home today, fingers crossed. I haven’t seen my consultant yet, but they should send me on my way.

    “I’ve discovered I’m not very good on crutches, but I’m learning quickly.”

    Jeanette is considering undergoing rehabilitation at Jack Berry House, the Injured Jockeys Fund’s North Yorkshire centre.

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    “It will help me get a plan together, what I can and can’t do and how to keep strong while I’m not able to weight-bear on my leg,” she added.

    “It’s a shame as I missed running three on Friday at Lincoln, but at least it’s now instead of in the middle of the season. There’s still plenty to do.

    “Hopefully I’ll be back on the nags soon. Onwards and upwards.”

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