Save money on a new riding hat on International Helmet Awareness Day 2018

  • A record number of retailers are expected to take part in this year’s International Helmet Awareness Day on 18-19 August.

    In the UK manufacturers Champion, Charles Owen, Dublin, Gatehouse, Uvex, Tauma Void, GPA and KEP Italia are offering riders discounts at participating outlets.

    Riders should visit www.riders4helmets.com on 18 and 19 August to view the most current list of retailers taking park.

    So far there are 420 retailers taking part in 17 countries including Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Zambia, Poland and the USA.

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    Organisers Riders4Helmets founded the day in 2010 to encourage equestrians to wear a correctly fitted helmet.

    Founder Lyndsey White set up the first event after US Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye sustained terrible head injuries after coming off a young horse wearing no hat.

    She was in a coma afterwards for a month and is still receiving treatment for her injuries.

    “This event has grown beyond all expectations,” said Ms White.

    “We are very grateful for all the support for the campaign we have received from H&H readers over the past nine years,” she added.

    Last year there was a total of 680 retailers supporting the campaign launched to educate equestrians to wear helmets.

    “It is a testament to the continued need for educating equestrians on all aspects of helmet wearing that sees this year’s event on track to be our biggest event to date,” added Ms White.

    This year she’s had requests to expand the event to include other sporting disciplines, including cycling and skiing.

    Equestrian retailers who wish to participate in the event can register free of charge at www.riders4helmets.com. After registering they will be added to the participating retailer map.

    Only retailers who register with riders4helmets will be eligible for restocking discounts from the participating helmet brands.

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