Injured team chaser Maria Badders back horse riding

  • Maria Badders, 25, the team chaser who sustained serious injuries on 5 April at the Berks & Bucks intermediate has made an impressive recovery and is now back riding.

    Maria sustained numerous fractures to her left wrist and right hand and a subdural bleed to the brain in the accident.

    Her mother, Helen, told H&H: “Doctors have been impressed with how hard she has worked to get as much use as possible back in her arm and to regain her strength. She had a real boost this week when being told she can now start riding her horses quietly, although with supervision.”

    While two of Maria’s horses have been turned away since her accident, Wishful Thinkers team member Stuart Radbourne has kept the other, Tinks, in work for her.

    “The Radbourne family have been such a support and, for Maria, knowing that her horse was there waiting gave her something to work towards,” said Helen.

    “Maria continues to make good progress and has undergone extensive physiotherapy and neurological rehabilitation. Her injuries required several lots of surgery and further procedures since she left the John Radcliff hospital and it is thought that she may have to have a further operation next year to remove one of the plates in her arm if it proves troublesome.”

    Maria was determined to return to work at Wiltshire Constabulary as soon as possible. She has started back for a few hours a week and hopes to gradually increase her hours until she is back to full time later this year.

    She is now able to go to the gym and resume exercise and is looking forward to having the all clear to drive. Maria has no recollection of the accident and is keen to get back on the hunting field with the Avon Vale this season, planning to start with hound exercise “where there will be plenty of supervision”, she said.

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