Independents show strength in numbers with Bridleway Equestrian

  • A group of independent equestrian retailers have come together to develop a new range of quality equestrian goods under the brand name of Bridleway Equestrian.

    The range is targeted towards new riders and horse owners, as well as individuals who are looking for good value essentials. The products are produced by Shires and Bridleway Equestrian retail partners are involved with the choice of products and development of the range.

    Kathryn Bennett of RB Equestrian, an independent retailer and Bridleway Equestrian retail partner based in Milton Keynes, explains: “In recent years it has become possible to buy equestrian products cheaply from Argos, Tesco and other mainstream retailers. But these stores cannot offer the knowledge, expertise and informed opinion about what product best suits an individual’s needs.

    “Specialist equestrian outlets offer a real service to their local equestrian community, but as a small business they can struggle to compete with the massive co-operations. By coming together and producing our own range of great value products, we can offer buyers on a budget a good starter range which is designed specifically for their needs.”

    There are currently around 30 Bridleway Equestrian retail partners, most of which are owner-managed individual shops or small retail groups. The group plans to expand the number of partners involved in order to leverage their strength in numbers when negotiating business credit card rates and source items such as carrier bags more cheaply.

    Customers can buy products in the Bridleway Equestrian range in partner shops, the partner shop’s websites or online at www.bridlewayequestrian.com. Profits from the BridlewayEquestrian.com are shared between the retail partners.

    Any independent equestrian retailers who are interested in finding out more about joining Bridleway Equestrian should contact Malcolm Ainge at Shires tel: 01568 613600.

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