ILPH takes its right weight road show out and about the country

  • Experts from the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) are taking their flab-fighting tips on the road this summer with the ILPH Right Weight Road Show (RWRS).

    The team is targeting overweight horse and ponies, teaching owners how to guage their animals’ weight and keep it to a healthy level.

    The RWRS team is asking owners at livery yards and stables around the country to contact them if they’d like the Road Show to come to their yard.

    And the tour kicks off in Bedfordshire in May, followed by Essex in June and Scotland in July.

    Project manager Samantha Lewis said: “Our research suggests that over 80% of leisure horses in the UK are overweight and this problem seems to be increasing.

    “But unlike the many welfare cases the ILPH deals with, most overweight horses are that way because their owner is caring and has the best of intentions.”

    The team will show owners how to correctly weigh their horses, teach them how to fat score and give them diet tips for their horses along with an equine nutritionist.

    Many owners work very hard to keep their horses so the help offered by the team is given in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

    If you would like the RWRS to come to your yard, visit the UK Operations area of the ILPH website www.ilph.org and click on the Right Weight or telephone Samantha Lewis on 01953 497217

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