Hunts raise £30,000 for Help for Heroes war veterans’ charity

  • Hunts across the country have continued to raise funds for war veterans’ charity Help for Heroes. The running total stands at £30,000 — with money still coming thick and fast.

    As reported in H&H earlier this month month, Bryn Parry, cartoonist and former soldier, set up this charity last October to raise money for the Tri Service Rehabilitation Centre near Dorking, Surrey.

    The Hunting Office encouraged hunts to have a collection from their meets on 23 January, but money is still flooding in from other hunt fundraising events.

    The Heythrop hunt have pledged a staggering £8,000 raised both in donations from the meet at Batsford Park, kindly hosted by Lord and Lady Dulveton, and also from private donations. The HH have dug deep to accumulate an impressive sum of £5,147. The Beaufort, Cotley and Cotswold hunts have also made large donations.

    Jo Aldridge, spokesman for the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt, has been running this fundraiser in conjunction with the Hunting Office and estimates that the figure raised so far by hunts stands at over £30,000.

    Jo said: “We hope this sum will continue to rise, we are very proud that the hunting community has united in such a way for such an important cause. The lives of these war victims, who have fought on our behalf, have been changed forever and they need all the support we can give them.”

    The charity has now managed to raise a total of £3million through many different countrywide fundraising events. The aim is to reach a final total of £8million.

    Bryn Parry, charity founder, commented: “I am absolutely delighted that we have managed to raise such a figure in such a short time.

    “I now hope the momentum carries on and that we’ll be able to start building the facilities very soon.”

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