Newcomers welcome: hunts encourage new followers to join the fun

  • Hunts from Dartmoor to Berwickshire are welcoming new faces during the Countryside Alliance’s (CA) annual Hunting Newcomers’ Week

    The week, designed to encourage riders to try hunting kicks off on Saturday (18 October) and finishes the following week (25 October).

    There are meets tailored to introducing new people to the trail-hunting field, practice jumping sessions, BBQs and tours of hunt kennels planned.

    CA’s Newcomers’ Week organiser Henrietta Rutgers said she’s had “a huge number” of enquiries from people wanting to get more information about their local packs.

    “Despite the ban hunting is as popular as ever and people are keen to show their solidarity with their local hunts,” she said.

    Meets are taking place all over the country and include:

    North – Dumfriesshire & Sewartry
    West – South Pembrokeshire
    East – Thurlow
    South – Dartmoor

    View the full list of participating hunts

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