Hugh Jackman falls off rearing horse on Australia film set

  • Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has described how he nearly died when falling off a horse while filming his new movie Australia.

    The Australian actor told contactmusic.com that if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet then he would be dead.

    Despite being called a ‘wuss’ by the horsemen on set Hugh Jackman said he was persuaded to wear a motorcycle helmet by the safety officer. He credits the helmet for saving his life when he fell.

    Hugh fell off when the horse he was riding reared. The actor said he landed on his back and didn’t move for 5 minutes.

    He was unhurt but was left with a bruised wallet as well as body — thanks to a filmset rule.

    He said: “In Australia, if you fall off a horse, you have to say the words ‘just taking a piss’ before you hit the ground. If you don’t get the words out, you have to buy a bottle of whiskey for everyone in the horse crew, which is about 25 people.”

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