Horses that help injured serviceman on show at Perth

  • The valuable help equine charities give to returning servicemen can be seen at Perth racecourse tomorrow (30 July).

    The “Celebration of the Horse” raceday, will feature demonstrations by the charities Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) and HorseBackUK.

    During the day former racehorse, Peopleton Brook (pictured) will be on parade.

    The horse ran 93 times in his six-year career before being retired after an injury.

    Jock Hutchison, co-founder of HorseBack UK, has spent the past five months training Pempleton Brook to support veterans and serving soldiers.

    The horse was donated to the charity by Retraining of Racehorses (RoR).

    Mr Hutchison said: “Peopleton Brook is a horse whose own recovery epitomises the journeys endured by all those we serve here. He now has a new career and has found both purpose and happiness.”

    The horse will be reunited with his owner George Thompson after four years at the raceday on 30 July.

    “I’m so pleased that, subsequent to his racing career, Peopleton Brook has adapted so well that he can perform this worthwhile role,” George said.

    HorseBack UK has 36 trained horses, mostly American quarter horses and smaller therapy Shetland ponies.

    The charity also has a couple of horses than cannot be ridden for health reasons, but provide valuable help to the injured servicemen that attend the weeklong residential courses.

    The servicemen, both former and still serving have either physical or mental injuries.

    “Working with the horses improves their confidence and self-esteem,” said Emma Hutchison, who set-up the charity five years ago with husband, Jock.

    “The horses don’t judge them, but do soak up all the angst,” she added.

    HorseBack UK is the chosen charity for this year’s Blair Castle International Horse Trials (21-24 August).

    The charity will be putting on demonstrations in the countyside arena over the weekend.

    For more information visit: www.horsebackuk.org and www.ror.org.uk

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