Horse with ‘injuries consistent with an attack’ died of natural causes

  • Police have said there is “no suspicious activity” linked to the death of a horse in Hampshire.

    Police were investigating after they were called out to a field in Hampshire yesterday (Thursday, 22 October) when a horse was found dead.

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    There had been rumours that the horse had been shot and mutilated, and the police originally said that the animal had “injuries consistent with an attack.”

    The horse was kept in a field on Willis Lane in Four Marks in Hampshire.

    A post-mortem of the horse was carried out today (Friday, 23 October).

    “Following a forensic examination by a vet, it appears that the animal died of natural causes,” said a spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary.

    “Other injuries which may have indicated that the pony had been attacked are thought to have been caused by other animals after the pony had died.

    “We would like to thank animal owners in Four Marks for their help and vigilance following this incident.”

    The police added the situation had been “very distressing for the owners”.

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