Horse walks into a police station [VIDEO]

  • Horses have been known to escape from fields, fall into swimming pools, get stuck in bogs and climb over partitions in lorries, but rarely to walk into a police station.

    But that changed when early on Monday morning (6 October) a horse got out of its field and to the huge surprise of security staff, walked into Cheshire police’s headquarters in Winsford.

    CCTV footage showed the bold coloured pony, which appeared to be in good health and very confident around humans, walking in through the two pairs of automatic glass doors into the station. It paid no attention to an individual trying to shoo it away. Later the footage shows the pony calmly walking back out as a member of the police force pats it around its withers.

    Superintendent Peter Crowcroft of Cheshire police said: “We were somewhat saddled with our unexpected guest who in the early hours of Monday morning quickly became the main event of the night shift.

    “We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security.”

    It’s not clear what happened to the pony after its unexpected visit to the police headquarters.

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