Horse Quencher launched to help hydrate horses

  • A new product to encourage horses to drink more and keep hydrated is now available for UK horse owners.

    Horse Quencher is a low-sugar muesli style mix added once a day to a water bucket. The product is already a success in America and is now available in Britian.

    Many horses refuse to drink in times of competition, illness, travelling or stress, so manufacturers came up with this “unique and natural product” to rehydrate horses.

    As well as effecting performance, dehydration can result in muscle damage, reduced kidney function, laminitis, colic and coma. Water also helps with temperature regulation, joint lubrication, digestion and the elimination of waste.

    Horse Quencher is made from barley, salt, oats, beet pulp, corn, soybean oil, apple nectar and molasses.

    “Water is only second in importance to oxygen. A horse can go weeks without food, yet without water they will survive merely days and horse owners often fail to recognise that water is the most important nutrient their horses need,” said manufacturers.

    “Often termed ‘the forgotten food’, water comprises the largest part of the body. An adult horse is 65% water: the brain is 85% water, muscles 75%, even the bones are 30% water”.

    Horse Quencher can be bought for £3 per sachet or £30 for a 25-serving tub and is available in apple or mint flavour,

    For more information tel: 01842 879161 or visit: www.horsequencher.co.uk

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