Horse owners warned to take care after stray rockets start fire

  • Horse owners are being warned to keep an eye on their animals this weekend (4-6 November) due to firework displays.

    Last weekend a stray firework started a small fire at Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Warwickshire.

    The fire started on Saturday evening (29 October) after a pile of cardboard bedding was set alight close to some rescued donkeys.

    On investigation two stray rockets were found among the bedding

    “The potential dangers of a firework in a stable area do not bear thinking about,” said Redwings’ Nicola Markwell.

    Firework nights are always a tricky time for equine owners. Most pets and animals feel a degree of trauma with the crashes and bangs of fireworks. Horses and ponies are no different — although some of our residents, such as our former police horse Will, are more resilient than others.

    “Regular visits to your horse or pony during firework events not only eliminate potential fire threats, but will also help to relax and calm your horses.”

    Moreno Francioso from Warwickshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Services added: “While an incident of this nature is quite rare, horse owners do need to be mindful of the potential dangers they face over the bonfire night period.

    “We would recommend that animals are put away early and that owners remain vigilant during the bonfire period. If residents feel that fireworks are being misused near stables, then they advised to contact the police.”

    Expert advice: fireworks and horses

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