Horse owners in Scotland warned after big cat attack

  • Horse owners in Strathclyde are being warned to keep an eye on their animals after a horse was attacked by a big cat last week.

    Police are appealing for witnesses after the a horse was badly injured near to Sundrum Holiday Park, Coylton on Friday, 17 July.

    The horse’s injuries were noticed by its owner on Friday morning.

    After examination the attending vet concluded the horse had been attacked by a wild animal.

    Superintendent John Hazlett from Ayr Police Office said: “After consultation with experts the evidence points to a big cat, possibly a puma.”

    He added that there was a possible sighting of a large cat in the grounds of Sundrum Castle in May, when a member of staff reported seeing a very large cat prowling the grounds around 9am one morning.

    Described as sandy coloured and about 4ft tall and 6ft long, experts believe that this may have been a puma sighting.

    “From what we have been told by experts, it is unlikely that a puma would approach and present any danger to humans and would make every attempt to avoid them, however the obvious advice to members of the public is not to approach this animal but report any sightings to the police,” said Superintendent Hazlett.

    I would urge anyone who sees a large cat in the area to contact us as a matter of urgency, and I would also ask local farmers to take extra caution with their animals and to contact police if any of them are injured.”

    Sightings should be reported to: 01292 664000.

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