Horse owner alerts police after horse given alcohol

  • A horse owner in Cumbria has notified the police fearing her horse had been given cider.

    Twenty-two-year-old Sarah Brown from Workington called Cumbria police after she found her horse Paddy lying down in his field last Thursday (7 May).

    She found 24 empty cider cans in the field — with several actually floating in his water.

    Ms Brown told a local paper: “Whoever did this must have been drinking and had some left over which they poured in the bucket. When I checked on Paddy he was lying down and didn’t look like himself.

    “He was not lying in his usual place and he usually gets up straightaway when I go to see him, but didn’t this time.

    “People don’t realise how much they mean to you and how much it costs to look after them.”

    Cumbria Police said: “A horse owner in Seaton called us at 1.55pm to inform us that alcohol had been put in her horse’s water bucket. No further action was required but we have been alerted to it.”

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