Mare killed after hit by tin roofing in heavy winds

  • A horse has been killed during a storm that hit an equine rescue centre in America.

    The Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue in Hardy, Virginia, was subject to strong winds on Friday evening (19 June), which pulled down trees and fences as well as roofing from a barn.

    One of the centre’s horses, Daisy, died after being “sliced open” by tin falling from the roof.

    horse killed in storm

    Credit: Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue

    “We are heartbroken over the loss of Daisy,” Patricia Muncy, president of Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, told H&H.

    “She spent seven years of her life here with us. She was a yearling when we took her in from a large seizure case. She was one of 25 horses rescued.”

    Three other horses suffered minor injuries in the storm, and the centre’s owners told H&H they are recovering well following treatment.

    The 10 horses that had been housed in the damaged barn have been left without shelter and the fields were littered with debris, including posts, roofing, logs and fallen branches.

    Credit: Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue

    Credit: Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue

    “The damage is nothing compared to losing Daisy,” Ms Muncy added.

    A clean-up was held with local volunteers the day after the storm and the rescue centre is now raising funds to make repairs.

    Closer to home

    In February last year horseandhound.co.uk reported that a group of five fillies worth an estimated €1m (£830,000) had died in Ireland after being electrocuted during Storm Darwin.

    The yearlings were in a paddock at Kilfrush Stud, Knocklong, Co Limerick, when an electricity cable snapped and travelled through the ground, killing the horses instantly.

    The alarm was raised by a member of staff, who went to check on the horses during the storm.

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