Horse entangled in brambles rescued by firefighters

  • Firefighters in Merseyside worked for two hours to free a horse entangled in brambles on Monday (23 February).

    Rosie, a 10-year-old mare, was stuck neck-deep in brambles in a ditch in Prescot.

    Fire crews were called to Pinfold Lane at 10.10am but on arrival all they could see was Rosie’s head sticking up above the brambles.

    Station Manager Paul Hitchen said: “We think she tried to make her way to a field at the other side of the ditch.

    “But the ditch was muddy and full of thick brambles and she became stuck. As she tried to get out she snagged herself up even more.”

    Despite attempts to cut the brambles back the horse was still stuck.

    After 11 firefighters worked to free her for two hours, the bank of the ditch was dug away and Rosie was hoisted out with a sling.

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