Horse blows out birthday candles [VIDEO]

  • An American horse’s delightful reaction to his birthday cake has taken the internet by storm with more than a million people watching the entertaining clip.

    In the video a bay horse called JD is presented with a birthday cake, complete with candles.

    The group surrounding JD sings him happy birthday before the horse proceeds to blow out the birthday candles, toss his head back and show off a toothy grin.

    “We sang JD the horse (aka “Southside”) happy birthday, but never imagined what happened next,” the post reads beneath the video.

    “Plus JD is a grandson of the greatest racehorse of all time, Secretariat, the Triple Crown Winner, with one key difference — our JD is quite slow! Good thing he has other great qualities.”

    The 26-second video was uploaded onto YouTube last Tuesday (26 May) and has already been viewed by more than one and half million people.

    JD’s reaction to blowing out the four candles is met with a chorus of laughter and the women in the barn ask, “did you get that on camera?”

    After having blown out his birthday candles, JD takes a better look at his blue and white iced cake, but is not seen to eat any.

    JD is kept at Ithilien Stables in New Jersey, America.

    “Ithilien Stables is a full-service equestrian facility just 40 minutes from New York city, catering to everyone from the competitor to the beginner falling in love with the sport,” the post adds. “And as this video shows, we have fun doing it!”

    Birthday mix-up

    This is the second equine story involving cakes that has featured in Horse & Hound in recent weeks.

    A nine-year-old girl who asked for a My Little Pony birthday cake was dismayed when it arrived resembling 1960’s singer and actor Little Tony (news, bad week, 28 May).

    The pastry shop in Sicily had misheard her parents when they made the order.

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