HHO helps rescue Shetlands

  • Two Shetland ponies stolen from their field in Kingswood, Surrey, on 11 September have been reunited with their owner, Yvonne Webster, thanks to www.horseandhound.co.uk

    Rider Natalia Thorpe saw the ponies tethered at Claygate, Surrey, and contacted police when she realised they matched the description of Pinkerton and Toffee, featured on the website on 24 September.

    “I saw the palomino being driven and he looked unhappy,” says Natalia. “Most of the horses at this site have been hogged, but this pony had a flowing mane and tail.”

    Yvonne is delighted to have her ponies home and is extremely grateful to HHO, Natalia and the police for all their help.

    “This has been a truly awful experience. I didn’t think I would ever see the ponies again. I simply can’t thank Horse & Hound Online enough. Without your help I may have never got them back,” says Yvonne.

    Although the ponies were initially very nervous when they returned home on Saturday afternoon, Yvonne says they are quickly getting back to their old selves.

    “They were in quite a state when we brought them home,” she explains. “But they have settled right down now. My other ponies were really pleased to see them.”

    Yvonne has taken precautions to avoid another theft but accepts that there is only so much you can do to protect your animals.

    “I have had the ponies micro chipped and have installed new security measures,” she says. “I had a pony stolen 13 years ago which I have never seen again so I know how lucky I am to have got Pinkerton and Toffee back. I hope that I never have to go through something like this again.”

    A spokesman for Surrey Police says: “We are happy that this theft has a happy ending and that we were able to assist in returning the owner’s property.”

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