H&H Online launches new dogs channel

  • Following demand from users, Horse & Hound Online has launched a special canine section which tells you everything you need to know about the world of dogs

    Whether you’re a horse owner, rider, or simply an animal lover, Horse & Hound Online users say that dogs play a special part in everyday life – as working companions, pets or simply good friends.

    Although dogs have featured regularly in news stories since Horse & Hound Online’s launch last year, the site has now been expanded to include all the latest news in canine care, plus an up-to-minute latest product section.

    “Every rider I know has at least one dog in their family,” says HHO Site Editor Barbara Young. “Horses and dogs are easy to form close relationships with and we all get a lot of pleasure from spending time with them, whether it’s at home or at work.

    “Our new dog channel will be covering stories on all kinds of canines – from heroic acts of bravery to funny human interest stories – worldwide.

    “We would also like users to write in with any good dog stories they think we should know about. Please email us hheditor@ipcmedia.com

    Launched in association with Baileys, the new dog channel includes a dedicated canine care section, which will offer dog owners all the latest feed advice from Bailey’s top nutritionists to help you keep your pet in peak condition.If you have a dilemma over the best diet for your dog, or want to find out how to feed your new puppy or elderly companion, send your question to canine care advice line

    To visit the dog channel click here.

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