H&H investigates riders using head cameras

  • Helmet cameras have become increasingly popular with cyclists in recent years — and now the equestrian world is following suit.

    With nearly 200 traffic accidents involving horses reported to the British Horse Society (BHS) every year, the society told H&H riders are increasingly turning to head cameras to record the evidence of bad driving.

    “Many use them as a ‘security blanket’ when they ride out on the busy roads, to ensure that, in the event of an incident, they have some filmed evidence,” said Sheila Hardy of the BHS.

    Head camera footage is permissible evidence in a civil and criminal court and can often lead to early admissions of liability from a guilty party.

    Find out how H&H readers have successfully used cameras to support their legal cases following incidents on the road, in week’s issue of Horse & Hound, out today — Thursday 10 October

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