Helping hand for ‘World Class’ talent

  • The BEF has launched two new schemes to help talented riders along the path to international success

    Forty riders aged between 10 and 32 have been selected to join the British Equestrian Federation’s (BEF) World Class Start and Potential programmes in this the development year for the scheme.

    The long-term plan is to provide each rider with an entire “toolkit” of skills, experience, knowledge and information to equip them to win at senior and international level.

    “World Class Start and Potential are the first two steps in a three-stage, long-term plan to win medals,” explains Victoria Kind, manager of the World Class Start and Potential programmes. “This will provide our most talented riders with the best opportunities and support to maximise their competitive potential.”

    Coaches Andy Austin (SJ), Gill Watson and Kenneth Clawson (eventing), Ferdi Eilberg and Ian Woodhead (dressage) and Hilary Hughes (Paralympic dressage) will help develop individual plans for each of the riders.

    World Class Potential Squad


    • Terry Boon
    • Sarah Cutteridge
    • Piggy French
    • Ruth Friend
    • Chris King

    Show Jumping

    • Nicky Boulter
    • Corinne Collins
    • Simon Crippen
    • Robert Whitaker
    • Jamie Wingrave


    • Charlotte Edmonds
    • Jodie Lister
    • SarahMillis
    • Becky Moody
    • Daniel Timson

    Paralympic Dressage

    • Andrew Brockman
    • Richard Bromley
    • Sophie Christiansen
    • Vanessa Knight
    • Toby Pawson

    World Class Start Squad


    • Faith Cook
    • Alice Dunsdon
    • Tamsyn Hutchins
    • Abi Walters
    • Rosie Wilson

    Show Jumping

    • Simon Buckley
    • Michael Eilberg
    • Louise Pavitt
    • Ryan Prater
    • Gemma Paternoster


    • Jessica Bennett
    • Lorna Edmonds
    • Maria Eilberg
    • Anne-Marie Perry
    • Keeley Sinclair

    Paralympic Dressage

    • Natasha Baker
    • Sophie Franks
    • Daniel Manning
    • Natasha Wait
    • Danielle Zysemil

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