Help for trailer owners

  • A company offering advice to trailer owners in search of second-hand trailers aims to help prevent crime.

    A new company which aims to help trailer owners in search of second-hand trailers is being launched at Burghley Horse Trials this year. Trailer Watch UK, will be working in association with Carriagehouse Insurance Services.

    The company is setting up a website with a stolen trailer database for anyone buying a second-hand trailer. It is also launching a registration scheme of £15 per year which provides a certificate of ownership.

    Rose Brown from TrailerWatch UK says: ” An increasing number of insurance companies are asking for proof of ownership and, while the police areworking on a system under European legislation for all towed vehicles, that probably won’t be available for five years.”

    The company also offers optional security packs for trailer identification, which includes a kit of fluorescent numbers and discounted rates for “Smartwater”, a synthetic DNA covert UV marking system.

    Visit the new website at www.trailerwatch.com or contact Trailer Watch (tel: 01206 337388).

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