Bitting debate resolved ‘once and for all’

  • Hanging cheek snaffles have been found to relieve pressure on the poll.

    Research conducted by bit specialist Neue Schule explored the action of different bits to help riders make a more informed choice when buying different cheek types.

    One of the study’s most notable discoveries surrounded the hanging cheek snaffle or Baucher bit.

    Some have argued that the Baucher exerts pressure on the poll, whereas others believe that it alleviates it.

    Neue Schule’s researchers found the hanging cheek snaffle does the latter.

    “These results actually didn’t surprise us at all because there is no lever in this bit and therefore it cannot apply any poll pressure,” Neue Schule manager of research Caroline Beniost told H&H.

    “We actually presented this data at the International Society for Equitation Science in Saumur, France, in June and it was very well received there. We just wanted to end the debate on this one once and for all.”

    Extensive tests were carried out by the Neue Schule team using two sensors – one applied to the cheek piece, the other to the rein.

    The recorded tension was transmitted to a central computer and a rating was calculated to show how much poll pressure each type of bit created.

    “The research culminated in some surprises, as well as reiterating many of our suspicions,” said Heather Hyde, Neue Schule’s founder.

    “It will be a great tool to dispel some of the long-standing misconceptions surrounding the action of bits.”

    The team has created a poll pressure guide, the first of its kind, from their findings.

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    The guide lists out a series of bits and the pressure they create on the poll.

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