Half Moon Dynasty makes positive progress after horrific hacking accident

  • Michael Eilberg’s Half Moon Dynasty is “looking much more comfortable” following her serious accident last week (31 May).

    Michael shared an update on grand prix mare “Mollie” yesterday (4 June), and said the team was “so happy” with her progress.

    Mollie has been left with multiple wounds after spooking and bolting on a hack. She went through several fences and a hedge before her injuries forced her to stop.

    She was taken to Three Counties Equine Hospital for treatment.

    “As there has been such amazing support and concern for Mollie after her accident I thought we would give everybody an update,” read a post on Michael’s Facebook page. “We went to visit her this morning and were so happy to see her looking much more comfortable. She had her dressings changed and the wounds are plentiful but looking better then expected. She also walked out amazingly well after the last time we saw her she could barely get one leg in front of the other.

    “We are not wanting to get ahead of ourselves as there is a long way to go but it was hard not to come away today thinking more positive about the whole situation. We are all very touched by everybody’s messages and thanks again. I’m sure it has something to do with all the get well vibes going Mollie’s way.”

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    The previous day, Michael said he was “overwhelmed” with the messages of support for Mollie.

    Mollie was being ridden by Greg Sims when the accident took place. Greg was not seriously injured in the fall.

    With the help of Michael’s vet Mollie was put under anaesthetic and taken to the equine hospital.

    She eventually stood with the help of a hoist and within half an hour of standing she was able to hold her weight unaided.

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