Grand prix dressage rider starts long road to recovery after freak accident

  • Silva Martin —  wife of eventer Boyd Martin – has been moved to a rehabilitation centre after suffering serious head injuries in freak accident while riding at her winter base in Wellington, Florida earlier this month (6 March).

    Silva was flown by private jet — courtesy of one of her owners — to Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern and is still suffering serious after effects as a result of her fall.

    silva martin3“Where she hit her head there is bruising and bleeding,” Boyd told H&H. “This is affecting her speech, balance and her vision.

    “She is quite sharp in her mind, but unfortunately trapped by her bodily functions a little bit.

    “She is obviously struggling to do normal things, but the neurosurgeons are confident that she will make a full recovery.”

    silva martin2It is hoped that Silva might be able to move home in a couple weeks to continue her rehabilitation.

    “Unfortunately she has got the true German grit and determination so our biggest challenge is going to be keeping her locked up,” Boyd added.

    Silva was wearing a hat when she had the fall and doctors said it prevented life-threatening injuries. Silva had only started wearing protective headgear following American dressage rider Courtney King-Dye’s life-changing fall in 2010.

    Courtney was schooling at home without a hat when she fell.

    “With Silva being German, it was definitely not the trend to wear a helmet,” Boyd said.

    “In Amercia she always admired Courtney and since her accident, she has always worn her helmet.”

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