Congratulations to Courtney King Dye

  • Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye, who suffered serious brain injuries when she had a fall at home in 2010, has announced she is pregnant.

    She and her husband Jason Dye are expecting their 1st child in February. In a novel way of discovering the gender, they asked their doctor to write the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope. They then gave this to a local baker, who baked them a special cake. On cutting throught the cake’s white icing, they discovered pink filling, which confirmed they are expecting a girl.

    Earlier this year Courtney recorded the video below to show how her recovery is progressing 3 years after her accident. She was not wearing a riding hat when she fell. She is now actively campaigns to encourage all riders to wear safety hats at all times while riding, regardless of sport, level of competence and whether they are relaxing, training or competing.

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