Gold for young pentathletes

  • Heather Fell is the new junior world pentathlon champion following the British team’s recent success in Athens. Britain returned from the competition with team gold, silver in the relay and an individual gold — the first Britain has won at junior level.

    “I have the Pony Club to thank for getting me into this sport,” says 20-year-old Heather, who is based in Devon. “I started after competing in tetrathlon for several years with the Spooners and West Dartmoor branch.”

    Heather had a successful all-round competition, with a good shoot and swim, a personal best at fencing, a maximum score of 1,200 in the ride — of which there were only four among the 32 finalists — and a personal best in the run.

    Other British team members Lyndsay Weedon, 21, and Katy Livingstone, 20, came third and 13th respectively, securing Britain’s team gold.

    “At Athens, the pool horses came from Bulgaria; mine was a Thoroughbred-type. In the warm-up he was quite heavy, but in the arena he lit up — he was clever and responsive — and we were well inside the time,” says Heather.

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