Gloucestershire company launches electric wheelbarrow

  • Two inventors from Gloucestershire have launched a battery-powered wheelbarrow and are marketing it to horse owners and gardeners.

    The autobarrow was designed by Tewkesbury-based Eric Mason and Nigel Hawkes. They claim the battery-powered wheelbarrow moves all types of loads — up to 100kg — over any terrain.

    The autobarrow has a 95-litre galvanised steel skip, with a semi-automatic tip assist mechanism. It runs on a 250-watt rechargeable electronic motor.

    A spokesman for The Really Useful Vehicle Company, which is selling the barrows, said it operates quietly and would not spook horses.

    “After several models and attempts, Eric and Nigel have designed the autobarrow to be very quiet with only a small, continuous whirring noise, which a horse would barely even notice,” said the spokesman.

    “It would not spook them at all.”

    The autobarrow — which also features an electronic speed control — is only available from www.thereallyusefulvehiclecompany.co.uk

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