Giant Shire ‘Noddy’ could be world’s biggest horse

  • A 20.1hh Shire horse that weighs over 1.3tonnes has been hailed as the world’s biggest horse.

    The giant horse is owned by Jane Greenman from Pakenham, Australia.

    Noddy, whose full name is Luscombe Nordram, was born in Australia to a mare and sire imported from England. And his grandfather Ladbrooke Edward was the world’s tallest horse during the 1980s.

    The massive Shire was hand-reared from the age of six months by Ms Greenman but she says she might have to sell the horse as the cost of keeping him is immense.

    At three years old, Noddy was already the size of a full-grown Shire. He is measured every year on his birthday, and at just five years old Noddy is likely to keep growing.

    The current holder of the Guinness World Record for the tallest horse in the world is a Shire called Jenson’s Diplomat Tina (Tina) who measured 20hh without shoes from Niota, Tennessee.

    But Tina died this week at Auburn University where she had been taken to undergo surgery for a leg problem.

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