Get a bespoke bridle from Silver Crown

  • A new bridle has been launched by Silver Crown that allows you to mix and match components, to accommodate both the size of your horse’s head and your own requirements.

    Silver Crown’s latest bridle is made from English leather and is designed to enhance comfort and encourage a more relaxed way of going.

    “What makes Silver Crown bridles different from others on the market is that they combine tradition and innovation,” said Silver Crown’s Chloe Bernard.

    “We realised that most horses don’t fit standard sizes well. And so we set about designing ultra adjustable bridles that would fit a multitude of horses but still look traditional.”

    The bridle is available with different options for headpieces, nosebands and reins.

    It costs £210 and is available from online retailers Shadow Horses. It comes in black, brown or tan with white stitching and will shortly be available in black with black stitching.

    Visit www.shadowhorse.co.uk

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