Future stars head for British Breeding Gala

  • The highest scoring nine horses from each section of this year’s SEIB/British Breeding Young Horse Evaluation Series have been invited to compete for the prestigious titles of most promising dressage horse, most promising showjumper and most promising event horse at next week’s Royal Show (3-5 July).

    Each of the four-year-olds will be assessed and marked by a team of judges, who will be looking for potential to go to the top in the specific discipline the horse has qualified for.

    The evaluators will mark each horse out of 10 for its veterinary soundness, paces, natural ability for the sport and its conformation and suitability. The top three scoring horses will then be ridden by a guest rider, who will also mark out of 10. The scores will be aggregated to achieve the final positions.

    The judging team will comprise showing producer Richard Ramsey and vet Jane Nixon, who will be joined by Ferdi Eilberg (dressage), Derek Ricketts (SJ) and Yogi Breisner (eventing). Jeanette Brakewell has been invited to ride the young event horses, with dressage trainer Eric Thielgaard riding the dressage horse. The show jumping guest rider is still to be confirmed.

    If any of the finalists listed below are unable to attend then horses currently on the reserve list will be invited to compete at Stoneleigh.

    Dressage finalists

    • Catherston What A Dream, qualified at Catherston with a score of 8.45
    • Uventos, Catherston, 8.27
    • Mezzanine, West Wilts, 7.74
    • Checkleybank Monarch, Heart of England, 7.68
    • Zv Sandros, Heart Of England, 7.48
    • Pintofields Deuxieme Gazelle, Heart Of England, 7.47
    • Ulster, West Wilts, 7.35
    • Weymarsh Maximus, Catherston, 7.38
    • Fairoak Whisper, Catherston, 7.23

    Show jumping finalists

    • Tiffany II, Crockstead, 8.00
    • Weymarsh Maximus, West Wilts, 7.94
    • Ulster, West Wilts, 7.94
    • Twilight, West Wilts, 7.63
    • Uptown Girl, Rowallan, 7.62
    • El Roon, Sheepgate, 7.40
    • Parnashé, Crockstead, 7.22
    • Patsys Pint, West Wilts, 7.21
    • Umenno, Rowallan, 7.19

    Eventing finalists

    • Trequite, Richmond, 8.03
    • Trescothick, Sheepgate, 8.02
    • Cathpair High Hopes, Rowallan, 7.92
    • Kanga’s Song, West Wilts, 7.88
    • Lannis Lad, West Wilts, 7.86
    • Millie On Air, Richmond, 7.82
    • Varston Ottoman Empire, West Wilts, 7.65
    • Kingswell Ballyhill, Catherston, 7.61
    • Tregawn, Sheepgate, 7.58

    For more information on the YHES visit: www.bef.co.uk/britishbreeding.htm

    For more information on the Royal Show visit: www.royalshow.org.uk

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