Former owner of Charlotte Dujardin’s rescue pony found guilty of neglect

  • A woman has pleaded guilty to neglecting a foal which has since been rehomed by Olympic dressage star Charlotte Dujardin.

    Lisa Fletcher, 48, of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, admitted 2 counts of causing suffering to 2 ponies. She also admitted 1 count of breaching a disqualification order banning her from keeping horses when she appeared at Stroud Magistrates Court on 19 May.

    Speaking after the hearing, RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith said she was called to a DIY livery yard in December 2013 where she found two thin colts.

    She said: “The foal [later named Santa by Charlotte] was very, very thin. The vet discovered he had a severe lung infection and was riddled with worms. I don’t think he would have survived the week if he hadn’t received the veterinary care he needed.

    “It was touch and go. He needed antibiotic injections twice a day and a great deal of TLC. Luckily he pulled through and has gone from rags to riches since being adopted by Charlotte.”

    charlotte foal1

    The second horse, a yearling called Frank, was also thin but is reported to have recovered well.

    “We hope to find him a fantastic home in the future,” added Suzi.

    Lisa Fletcher had been banned from keeping horses for 5 years from last October after she pleaded guilty to three offences of neglecting a grey Arab stallion called Raji by failing to explore the cause of his weight loss, breathing difficulties and overgrown hooves.

    Sentencing has been adjourned until 9 June.

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