Former Horse Rangers Association pony Breeze dies at Horse Trust

  • Breeze, a 29 year-old, former Horse Rangers Association (HRA) pony was put to sleep on Sunday 21 November at the Horse Trust’s Home of Rest for Horses.

    New Forest pony Breeze moved to the Home of Rest in Speen, Buckinghamshire last year on retirement from the HRA.

    During her 19 years at the Association, 13.2hh Breeze taught thousands of children to ride.

    She was active in Riding for the Disabled, and for hacking, jumping and musical rides.

    A highlight of her career came in May 2002, when she took part in the All The Queen’s Horses extravaganza at Windsor Castle to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

    Theresa Barrett, stable manager of the Horse Rangers Association said: “The children were really sad to hear about her passing away. She was a massive favourite because she was such a good little pony.”

    In 2009 Breeze started having seizures and was forced to retire to the Horse Trust’s Home of Rest, where she remained just as popular.

    “Breeze was a little poppet and everybody loved her,” said Shirley Abbott, yard manager at The Horse Trust. “It’s so sad that she’s gone. All the staff, volunteers and visitors will miss her.”

    In November, Breeze developed a condition called orbital cellulitis, an infection of the tissue behind the eye.

    The infection could not be controlled and started to spread. Breeze was in pain, so staff at The Horse Trust made the sad decision to put her to sleep.

    “She was really brave in her last week,” said Ms Abbott. “She never grumbled and put up with all the treatment, even though she was obviously uncomfortable. Sadly, even though we did our best, it wasn’t enough.”

    If you would like to make a donation to The Horse Trust in memory of Breeze, visit www.horsetrust.org.uk or contact 01494 488 464.

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