FMD measures at West Wilts EC

  • West Wilts EC proprietor, Pete Collins has installed a specially built device for spraying cars and lorries with disinfectant. Pete had the system specially designed and built after looking at other industrial models on the market.

    Following the latest MAFF guidelines, he decided to install the system in time for the one-day event at West Wilts on 12/14 June when up to 700 horses will pass through the gates.

    The system has already been well tested disinfecting the lorries and trailers of competitors during the under-21 dressage selection trials.

    “This system automatically disinfects wheels, wheel arches and under the car or lorry chassis, as well and is much more efficient than anymanual spraying or drive-through trays,” said Pete. “However, those who choose to arrive in low slung convertible sports cars, as did pony chef d’equipe Claire Hilton, be warned – it might be more than just the wheels that get disinfected!”

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