First miniature mule born in Britain

  • He stands at just 14″ now and will probably grow to under 34″, but already, Muffin, the miniature mule is causing quite a stir.

    Muffin was born on Sunday, 3 June and is believed to be the first bred in this country – although there have been a number born in America.

    When he’s not running around in a field, the new arrival spends much of his time tucked up with his mother, a miniature Shetland mare called Sable.

    “She has taken to him fine, says Carol Hutchings, owner of the MiniaturePony Centre near Moretonhampstead on Dartmoor.

    “She hasn’t had a foal for some time, but Muffin is feeding from her well.

    He will probably go on show to the public by the weekend.

    “Muffin does look a bit different with larger ears than apony, a donkey’s nose, but a pony’s head, a donkey’s body shape with a cross on his back and a pony’s tail.

    Muffin is already getting used to people and they will be able to pet and play with him. He’s not stubborn like a mule, but very curious andplayful”.

    Carol Hutchings says:”The sire, Merlin, is quite a masculine donkey and although he was in a separate field, somehow, he and the mare got together.

    We don’t watch them in the field all the time, but the mares are all scanned every year.

    We will have to see how this one goes before we plan any more.”

    Muffin is expected to be one of the big draws for tourists at the centre which keeps 130 miniature ponies and donkey.”

    For more information visit : www.sdta.co.uk or contact (tel: 01647 432 400).

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