‘The wounds were so deep that her muscles were exposed’: filly rescued by RSPCA

  • A nine-month-old filly has been found with serious wounds to her back legs.

    The pony, named Elsa, was dumped on Follingsby Lane, Tyne and Wear, on Wednesday (13 January) with extensive injuries.

    The RSPCA is now appealing for information, as it is not known how the foal came to be in the remote location, nor how the wounds were inflicted.

    “Poor Elsa was found with these horrific wounds [pictured herewarning: very graphic image] to the back of her legs, by a concerned member of the public who kindly let us know straight away,” said RSPCA inspector Jaqui Miller.

    “The vet who examined her predicts that Elsa had been suffering with these wounds for at least three days before she was found, as the area was covered in dead skin and had become badly infected. The wounds were so deep that her muscles were exposed.

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    “Thankfully this lucky little pony is now being cared for by the team at RSPCA Felledge Equine Centre, where they are working night and day to treat her wounds and make her comfortable. She is a very sweet little pony and even when she was receiving treatment from the vet she was very well-behaved and tolerant, despite the fact she will have been in a tremendous amount of pain from her injury.

    It looks as though she is going to make a recovery from this as the wounds have not gone deep enough to damage her muscles or tendons, but she is still very sore.

    “How anybody could abandon this special little pony in this condition is beyond words. We named her Elsa as the weather is pretty much frozen up here in Tyne and Wear at the moment.”

    Inspector Miller is appealing to the public for any information about Elsa and how she came to be abandoned on the remote lane — which runs between Washington and Gateshead.

    Anybody with any information is urged to call 0300 123 8018.

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