Family thank fellow competitors after freak accident kills horse

  • A maxi cob died in a freak accident at Rutland County Show on Sunday (6 June).

    Laura Clutton, of Waldon, West Sussex, was removing bandages from six-year-old Bling King when he ran backwards into the ramp of another horse box.

    Arteries were torn in his backlegs and the horse had to be put down at the show.

    Miss Clutton praised onlookers who came to her help.

    She told H&H: “There is no way I would have coped without the help of the amazing people who were there.

    “A couple of people even put their lives in danger trying to put a tourniquet on his legs.”

    She also praised the show organisers and Oakham vets “who handled a difficult situation with great compassion”.

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